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Grow Your Pipeline
Qualify Opportunities
Identify Champions
Stronger Negotiation Skills
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Grow Your Pipeline

Improve discovery and shorten sales cycles.

Qualify Opportunities

Fewer clients going dark with no response.

Identify Champions

In complex sales scenarios.

Stronger Negotiation Skills

Understand the psychology of buying.

Design Your Sales Process

Customized to your ideal customer profile.

Teach Reps

To ask the right questions at the right time.

Read the Case Study

“After working with Sales Hacker Trainers, PandaDoc was able to 2.5x it's lead to opportunity conversion metric for our inbound sales. With literally thousands of MQLs a month, this made a huge impact. By combining a new sales process and implementing call coaching, PandaDoc was able to nearly double our ARR revenue production in 2 quarters.”

 Jared Fuller - VP Sales of PandaDoc


What Our Clients Say

“We’ve seen our pipeline grow by 25% since implementing the sales training and tracking methods you brought to us.”

Nick Mehta - Gainsight

“Richard is a pro. He helped us up our sales game in a big way and provided us with the tools to crush it. I would absolutely recommend Richard to anyone looking to boost sales."

Elliot Peterson - Udemy

“A great perspective refresh on how to engage prospects, I’ve been able to immediately apply some of the learnings to my daily sales rituals.”

Brad Evans - SocialChorus

“Richard was brilliant at explaining complex sales methods in a very understandable/relatable context.”


Looking to make your sales team more effective and efficient?

At Sales Hacker we have helped many companies increase their revenue with our full funnel sales training and coaching. We will work with you to identify the areas most in need of supercharging so that your business grows - just tell us about how we can help you.

Better Discovery | Shortened sales cycles | Fewer Clients going dark with no response

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