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On what Key metric are you compensating SDRs

Hi All,

Really curious to hear what is the key metrics that you are using to compensate your SDRs.

1) Are you using purely SAL counts?
####### If so are you doing strictly 1 SAL per SQL or do you have a weighting system to compensate your SDRs for enterprise SALs over Midmarket?

2) What about pipeline?
####### Given that pipeline value will change during the sales cycle, at what point do you take the pipeline value?

3) do you have a different system for inbounds vs outbounds?
Looking forward to hear all your thoughts

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      6 months ago

      We used to compensate on SALs for our team, but because the outcome of the SAL is out of the SDR’s control a lot of the time, it switched to SQLs. The idea behind this is that it incentivizes the SDRs to put a focus on higher quality leads rather than quantity.

    • We use two differents KPI’s :
      – number of SQL
      – quality of SQL (scorecards with points – a CxO’s SQL is more valued than a N-1/N-2) / Outbound SQL will also have extra points (vs inbound).

      I’m also looking forward to see other models.

      (sorry for the possible mistake, english is not my mother tongue)

    • @aussieg

      Our goals for SALs vary from mid market vs enterprise SAL. We compensate more for enterprise SALs but expect less from the reps which keep the quality higher.

      Depending on how many stages you have in your sales cycle once ours moves from the first call to demo is when we begin tracking it.

      Yes, we use a different system for inbounds and my preference is to not blend the inbound/outbound role. We have one inbound rep and the rest of the team does outbound. Our commission on inbounds is much less due to the quantity we receive monthly. Inbounds reps are only paid out for SALs where outbound receives a percentage of the ACV and SAL.

      In the past, I have done spiffs for inbounds based on the amount of pipeline closed in a quarter to keep up with quality.


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