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Starting up a business and I have to teach myself sales... any ideas where to start?

Hi SH Community,

I'm in the early stages of spinning up a business that sells to 能提现的真人游戏平台home service professionals (plumbers, electricians, painters, residential cleaners, etc). In this venture, it will be my responsibility to construct our pipeline and ultimately close deals.

I'm new to selling but I'm confident I possess all the relevant skills to make a good salesman.

Does anyone here have a similar experience building up their knowledge on sales, constructing a sales strategy, and executing on it in a relatively short time frame?

I'm considering buying and reading the book Gap Selling by Keenan as a starting point.

Open to all suggestions.


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    • Profile picture of Trenton Engle
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      5 months, 2 weeks ago

      As far as where to start, any books, podcasts, video, etc. you can get your hands on will help. As someone who sells to that crowd on a daily basis, my suggestion is early in the morning and late in the afternoon is the best time to get them on phone. Emailing works good, and text is great because 7/10 times their work phone is their cell. They are typically laid back people who just want to see some ROI. If you want, send me a message or add me on LinkedIn and I’d be happy to give you some other advice I have for selling to those kinds of prospects. Best of luck to you and your business!

      • Thanks for the suggestions! Those insights are also greatly appreciated as well. Look out for a DM with some more specific questions

    • @tengle is right on – the crowd you’re targeting is chill but super busy and results-driven. They don’t always appreciate the phone calls because their days are jam-packed. I highly recommend the “Why You, Why You Now” strategy, which you can adapt to a really clean and concise talk track. Provide context and urgency in your outreach – why are you contacting them, and why are you contacting them now?

      Not all 能提现的真人游戏平台home services business in the SMB space have information beyond what they do and what it costs readily available online, so be prepared to do a bit of research as you’re starting out and establishing your ICP.

      I’m not sure about your background or if you’ve worked in the industry you’re selling to, but speak their language, research what’s causing them pain, and know what drives them. Play it by ear, but I’ve had a lot of success with “I’m not trying to b—s— you here, John, so I’ll get right to it.” And then get right to it.

      • Thanks for the insight Nicole! The why you, why now sales strategy sounds pretty straightforward, but do you know of any resources or pieces of content on this strategy that could help me get a full understanding of the concept?

        To answer your question I’ve never directly worked in a skilled trade but did plenty of blue collar work in my summers between college so I am fairly confident I can speak the language of my ICP. I’m trying to walk the line of being prepared but not overly prepared to the point where I’m making myself nervous or coming off as ‘salesy.’

        • John Barrows is THE resource for WYWYN. Here’s the link to one of his training archives: If you play the video at the top of the page, it’ll walk you through finding a trigger event and working it into an email. He also talks about it in his blog.

    • Profile picture of Mark Toscano
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      5 months, 2 weeks ago

      First, Gap selling is a good place to start. I’d also recommend Fanatical prospecting by jeb Blount, and SalesTruth by Mike Weinberg.
      Second, Make sure you are actually putting the stuff you read (whatever it is) into practice. Too many people read everything they can find, they are great witht the theory, and they never actually do anything. Doing, even if it’s not the best thing, will always be better than simply reading.
      Third, @tengle is pretty smart. Take him up on his offer to help!
      And good luck!

    • Thanks for the nudge, @marygreencny.

      @jlarosa2 – you’re embarking on a heck of a journey. Couldn’t agree more with the other answers in this thread – learn as much as you can and actually put it to good use.

      Going beyond self-learning, really embrace the community aspect of sales. LinkedIn is an amazing resource simply because you can learn from both leaders and SDRs alike. I know that connecting with and bouncing ideas/strategy/stories off other SDRs in my network was the catalyst I needed to thrive in the sales development role. Make use of the people around you and create relationships with them. Learn through their experience and have it influence your strategy.

      Best of luck!

      • Thanks for sharing your experience @ajalonzo!

        It’s easy to forget that I am not alone on this journey. Reflecting on your advice, I think traditional schooling trains us to learn and get things done on our own, when in reality there’s countless people out there willing and able to help out and share their experiences in any field, not just sales.

    • Profile picture of Zach Barney
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      5 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hey @jlarosa2, Sounds like you’ve got a good jump on things. GAP Selling will absolutely help you build up your sales skills. In terms of strategy, I’d recommend getting in the weeds with a sales consultant, or at a minimum blueprinting a master GTM plan and having a few trusted sales leaders review it. I’d be happy to help there.

    • Reading books will help you far more than seeking out advice. Keep yourself engaged on the knowledge hook, which will bring in the flow for execution.
      Internet Archive and Kindle Unlimited are two resources that will help you get into a frugal habit of reading.

    • Profile picture of Tamara McMillen
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      5 months, 1 week ago

      Check out SalesGeek! Your goal is there mission – help upskill sales people and enable them for success. The ISM also has sales certification programs. Happy to make some introductions via LinkedIn if of interest.


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