Would anyone explain and list all the functions and tasks of a Sales operation unit – Sales Hacker


Would anyone explain and list all the functions and tasks of a Sales operation unit

I am hiring a new Sales Operation resource to look after all the Sales Operations, but this is a unique role in the company, and nobody has held the position before.

Before offering the role to a new hire, I would like to ensure I understand all the functions of a Sales Operation unit.


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    • Herve,

      We may be on similar paths I believe, but could you tell us more about what you are looking to accomplish with the Sales Operations resource? Specifically, do you need them to establish and set up your teams infrastructure only or take what’s in place and work to streamline and improve, etc. Typically Sales operations can help with anything from strategically implementing training, to software tools selection and implementation to developing best practices around engagement techniques, etc. Feels as if you are looking more for a tactical person then just a strategic or leadership type? I.e. You know what you want to do just need someone to implement and help scale it

      We are looking more for a resource that can take our existing platforms and work with our tech team to fully integrate them. As they also work with leadership to establish best practices and drive adaptation within the business development team.

      Hope that helps in some way and look forward to other responses


    • A little dated, but overall I think this article summed up much of what you may want to think about /what-is-sales-operations/

    • This is a really comprehensive guide: https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-operations

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      5 months ago


      Here is another blog post for you to review. the other that have been previously suggested are good as well. I like how Steli puts Sales Ops simply: Sales ops helps sales teams close more deals faster.

      That should be the focus of everything your Sales Ops group does.

      Good Luck!




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