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Is there a tool to show your number when cold calling prospects

So either there is something in market at the moment, or I may be helping someone with their next multi-million dollar idea. Let's see shall we.

I had a thought recently; What if, rather than when you call someones mobile number and it comes up with a random set of digits that depends on which part of the world you are in, why does it not come up with your name?

Surely, as we all individually own our mobile numbers (no 2 numbers are the same), there could be a piece of software or method of having your name pop up instead of your number?

i.e. my mobile number is +61 421 547 049 (this is public info BTW, all over my LinkedIn & other channels). Rather than having this number come up on someones phone I'd rather "Jake from SurveyMonkey" or "Jake McGaw" without having to be saved to their contacts.

So rather than doing countless hours of research, i'd love to get the communities perspective;

Does anyone know a piece of software capable of this? Or, have I unearthed a startup concept here?

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    • Only thing I’ve seen come close to it, when someone calls me and we’ve traded emails, my iphone says: “Maybe Jake McGraw”

      My biggest concern is privacy. Less for me or men.

      1. Unless your company is running your phone numbers (in the US) through the DNC list, you are in violation of federal law. So now, if your name comes up, they “could” cause problems.

      I know, I know, I am grumpy GenXer but its true.

      2. Privacy for women in particular. As much as I am excited about the positive (long overdue) direction of the MeToo movement, I would be concerned some women don’t want their name shown. I have a friend who had a stalker once and had to change her # 3x.

      If I am out of line on point #2 please tell me, not trying to offend. I have just seen the worst in people a few too many times. I am guessing you could mask your real number with an app and then try to assign a name to it.

      Ultimately, its an interesting idea, I just would not be an early adopter of the technology.

      • I don’t think you are out of line and I can honestly say I didn’t think about that (then again, I am a white, Australian male). In saying this, I’m sure there are stalkers out there no matter your race, gender or ethnicity.

        It would come down to the country as well.

        I don’t know who this “Jake McGraw” guy is 😉 but thanks for your input @rharris415.

    • I think TrueCaller does this (atleast for those who are in their database), but explicitly there is no one application with entire data.

    • Contact your phone provider. Every business phone company I’ve used can change your caller ID name.


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